What are the Whoyovos?

Whoyovos are furry (sometimes) NFT friends that depict fragments of daily live, pop culture, historical moments, historical figures, food, ideologies, concepts, ideas, music, art, design and science. Every Whoyovo is so special that every owner gets much more than an NFT.

Whoyovos are crafted and well thought, released in groups of 50 stored as tokens on the Ethereum.

Why are they so unique?

They are not automatically generated

Each Whoyovo is born out of the art, design, love and talent of the Whoyovo master “The Creator”. Like every master piece of art every Whoyovo starts as an idea put into a piece of paper with a pencil. The paper Whoyovo in process is then transfered as digitial art with the appropriate software and a pen tablet. Whoyovos are then placed into the blockchain and they are born.

There are only 300 and no more

There will only be 300 Whoyovos. All of them released in 6 groups of 50. Whoyovo always will be unique, collectible, limited and exclusive.

Just like NFT, all subsequent Whoyovo products will be sold in a specific limited quantity.

Whoyovo Premium Streetwear

Each purchased token will support the development of a unique premium streetwear company “Whoyovo”. For the first time in history, a real venture will be financed and supported by nft tokens. Each of the token owners will have a real impact on the development of new products as well as special offers and discounts.

Made in Europe…only!

Who is behind Whoyovo?!

A well-known European design studio. Once all 300 Whoyovos find their owner, studio will revealed itself in a special Whoyovo event, where all owners will be invited and wil be greeted with special suprises!

What you get as a Whoyovo NFT owner?

As a first owner of particular token become Whoyovo Maecenas and you will receive Whoyovo Friend Pack.

Whoyovo Maecenas will have exclusive and first access ( 24 hours before others ) to Whoyovo Premium Streetwear with Special Discount Code.

The name of each Maecenas will be listed on each Whoyovo collection item tag.

For every second Whoyovo collection drop, you will receive unique one-off item.

And many additional surprises that have been prepared especially for Maecenas 😉

Whoyovo Friend Pack.

A special package for friends of our brand who decided to invest in our activities by purchasing tokens.

Game Plan

Step by step, the entire game plan. If something is not clear, we will gladly clarify each step via email. We will build something revolutionary with your help.


Special Friend Pack new owners


Friend Pack new owners

Special Streetwear Pack all owners


Friend Pack new owners

Special Streetwear Drop for all owners

Whoyovo Streetwear Shop


Friend Pack for new owners

Whoyovo Streetwear first collection

Special discount card all owners


Friend Pack new owners


Friend Pack new owners

Whoyovo Streetwear second collection

Special Streetwear Drop for all owners

Special discount card all owners

Special Whoyovo Event for all owners


SOMETHING NEW will happen and it will be worth being a part of!

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